The Home “Entertainment Cave” for the Whole Family

By | September 13, 2016

Wall Unit Organizer & Entertainment SolutionThe “man cave” concept for the home has been evolving as more men consider the type of space that truly appeals to them. From humble origins as perhaps a private area in a garage or basement for one’s personal toys and gear, the definition of “man cave” has expanded to include lush private sanctuaries, home theater systems or sports dens, and can even include personalized kitchens or workspaces.

Many of today’s modern families, however, are dispensing with the solitary “man cave” in favor of an “entertainment cave” – a space the whole family can share. Creating a home “entertainment cave” means having a dedicated retreat apart from the rest of the home for your media, entertainment and games. And just like a “man cave,” the “entertainment cave” can serve as a refuge for the whole family with décor that reflects everyone’s tastes.

A few simple tips can help ensure your family “entertainment cave” will become everyone’s favorite retreat in the house:

Find a dedicated space for your “cave”. Can you use a separate family room, basement, attic or garage space? If you can set your “entertainment cave” apart from the rest of the house, you will not need to worry about keeping the décor consistent with the rest of your home and have fun incorporating personal touches for each family member.

How will the room be used? Understanding how the room will be primarily used will help guide your set-up decisions. Does your family enjoy watching sporting events together? Or is movie night the favorite activity? Are tabletop or board games popular? Does it make sense to set up a bar or snack area? Would a reading sanctuary be most desirable?

Use smart storage solutions. Be sure to include ample storage and shelving for all your family’s media needs. This means choosing the right size and height cabinetry for holding TVs and other media consoles and accessories. Also include plenty of storage options for books, game boxes and equipment, sports paraphernalia, and knickknacks for display. A messy and disorganized space will not feel like the sanctuary you want it to be, so make sure there is abundant shelving and storage and a place to stow everything.

Make it relaxing. Set up comfortable seating in the room for everyone in the family. Save the stiff formal sofa and designer chairs for the living room. For the “cave” let comfort be your guide. Small children may prefer beanbag chairs or large pillows. Grownups can have overstuffed recliners or chaises. Function and comfort should be the goal in this space. Choose stain-resistant fabrics and easy-to-clean surfaces.

And remember, you don’t need to worry about “designing” this space to match the rest of the house. Leave any fussiness at the door and make this a space that feels personalized, inviting and relaxing. A perfect family retreat.


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