Organizing Kids’ Sports Gear

By | June 9, 2015

canstockphoto2540593Getting the kids out the door in time for sports practice or game day can be chaotic and stressful as you hustle around to gather up uniforms, equipment and accessories. In fact, trying to accomplish this without a good strategy is like trying to run team plays without a game plan that everyone can understand and execute together.

Having all your gear organized and ready to go is one of the best strategies you can use to create a more seamless and stress-free experience. Here’s how to make it happen.

  • Begin by gathering all the sports equipment and accessories together in one place. Next, set up a separate pile for each sport. If you discover anything you no longer need or use, get rid of it. Either throw it out or donate it if it is in good shape.
  • Now that the equipment is sorted, you can organize these items by activity. Use separate baskets, labeled for each sport, on shelves in your entrance area, garage or mudroom. You could also affix stretchy exercise bands across open shelves to keep items (especially balls) visible but prevent them from falling out.
  • Set up a separate basket or shelf area labeled with each child’s name for clean uniforms and smaller items. Make sure the kids’ uniforms get washed as soon as needed. Clean uniforms that are ready to go can be placed in the child’s designated basket or shelf area along with smaller items such as gloves, knee pads and a duffel or tote bag.

Getting organized may be the easy part. You will also need to coach the kids to return all sports equipment where it belongs, have uniforms washed promptly, and get cleats and other gear cleaned up right away and ready to go. Now you have a winning strategy, but just as in athletics, practice really can make perfect!

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