Fix Up Your Garage

By | May 12, 2015


For most people, the garage means chaos!  It’s cluttered and messy.  When the car’s inside, you can barely move.  You don’t want company to see it.  You keep the door closed all the time!

It doesn’t have to be this way, creating a garage that is useful and tidy isn’t as difficult as it seems.  It just requires organization!

Install Cabinets with Drawers.  By adding cabinets with drawers, you will be able to create a home for bigger items like power tools and for smaller items like screwdrivers, nails and bits.  Getting electrical outlets added within the cabinet unit can create a designated work area – an end to rummaging for supplies and running extension cords when working on a project.

Get a “Keep Out” Closet.  Less clutter and peace of mind make this closet the perfect way to organize items that are dangerous and poisonous, especially to children and pets.  Insecticides, mouse traps, fertilizers, motor oils, anything that little hands (or paws) could mistakenly find, can be housed in the “Keep Out” Closet.  Make sure there is a lock on the closet door.

Design Family Lockers.  Each family member gets their own “locker” to neatly store and protect their toys, equipment and work items (balls, jump ropes, lacrosse sticks, ice skates, helmets, gardening gloves, work boots etc.).  The lockers will organize the garage, and each family member!

These are just a few helpful tips.  Garages can be as unique as their owners.  To design the garage that’s right for you, please contact us at Closet Possible.  We’ll help turn chaos into a garage you’ll want to show off!


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