Create a Welcoming Guest Room

By | May 4, 2015

Luxurious hotelThe Guest room can be the most disorganized room in the house.  How many times have you said, “Put it in the Guest Room for now, we’ll worry about it later”?  Then when “later” comes and guests arrive, you try to tidy it up but it’s never “quite right”.  The room is cluttered and the closet is overflowing with “stuff”.  There is no room for guests to hang their clothes or store their suitcases.  Your guests feel like they are being “put up” instead of feeling like they’re at home with friends and family.  This can be fixed through a few customized additions.

Design a Custom Closet.  Lose the traditional one rod with a shelf set-up and create your own multi-functional closet.  Design it so one side is extra storage space for you and the other side is for your guests to use (including a space for their suitcases).  Your guests will feel comfortable having their own designated space, and not like an imposition being squeezed in amongst your clutter.

Build a Desk.  A desk with drawers gives guests a “space of their own”.  This allows them a private place to read and use their laptop.  Drawers serve as storage for their clothes and personal items.  If the room is small, a corner desk keeps the functionality while maximizing the space and gives a cozy feel to the room.

Create an Entertainment Center.  A custom Entertainment Center offers the feeling of home, particularly important for guests on an extended visit, like grandparents!  A TV, some picture frames and numerous drawers for storage will make your guest feel comfortable and welcomed.  This extra storage can organize you and your family as well.

Since the Guest Room is usually the smallest bedroom it is a challenge to maximize its space while providing a comfortable setting for guests.  At Closet Possible we will partner with you to create a customized solution.  Please contact us for more specific ways we can help!

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