Where the Garden Meets the Garage

By | April 19, 2017

Garden items and flowersIf you are a homeowner, you know that spring means it will soon be time to mow the lawn, trim the bushes or get your garden in shape. A well-organized storage system in your garage for all your gardening tools and supplies will make your outdoor chores a lot easier. Here a few ideas to help you make this season more enjoyable.

  1. Get up off the floor. Tools and other items will stay in much better shape and be easy to find and return if they are hung on the walls of your garage. Rakes, shovels, sprinklers, pruners, power tools and more can be neatly organized in available vertical space, and that lessens the risk of crushing something with your car or getting a flat from running over your pitchfork.
  2. Slats or pegs? Depending on what type of organization system you want to use, you can choose between slatwall and pegboard. Each offer a variety of accessories for easy hanging of garage items. These materials come in a variety of sheet sizes and are easy to cut, so you don’t even have to cover a whole wall if you don’t want to.
  3. Look up. Don’t forget about the garage ceiling. If walls are not an option for long garden tools like rakes and shovels, you could hang them from the ceiling. Ceiling are also a great place for less frequently used items, like that surfboard that you swore you were going to learn to use one day.
  4. Shelves and cabinets. For storing liquids, seeds, chemicals or anything with small parts, a system of shelves or cabinets is ideal. Plus, if you have kids, it might be important to keep dangerous garden additives like pesticides and fertilizers away from curious little hands.
  5. Mobile friendly If you have the space, a mobile stand-alone unit with storage cabinets and a work surface can be a great asset to workflow and temporary organization needs. If you use heavy duty casters, you can even wheel it outside if you need to move some seedlings out to your garden or do some outdoor potting.

A few simple organization systems can help keep your garage from becoming just a place place to dump stuff that does not belong in the house. Flexible storage systems like these can be used in any season, but for now, it’s all about the lawn and garden, so let’s get organized and enjoy the great outdoors.

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