What’s In Your Closet?

By | December 18, 2014

For many of us, there’s at least one closet in our homes that serves as the catch-all for the things we’re not sure what to do with. This idea brings to mind cartoons and sitcoms when the character opens a closet door and a tidal wave of junk spills forth. In real life, this is a frustration no one wants or needs.

Recently, Jen, a fan of Closet POSSIBLE, spent some time clearing out a cluttered closet in her home, in preparation for a new custom storage solution personally designed by Closet POSSIBLE President, Barry Curewitz.

It was incredible what I found in my closet,” Jen says. “Things I’d forgotten about, things I’d counted as lost forever.” From a motorcycle helmet and a tiara to her grandmother’s hand-embroidered handkerchiefs, Jen’s cleaning project yielded both trash and treasure.

When undertaking your own closet clean-out, keep a few simple tips in mind:

Sort. Keep four piles. One pile is for items you want to keep; another other is for items to toss in the garbage. One is for stuff you’re giving away; the last one is for items you’re going to sell. This way you’ll easily know what to do with all that stuff.

Stick to it. You’ve made your piles, now stick with those decisions. If you decide to keep the “throw away” pile because it’s easier than taking it to the trash, you’re defeating the purpose of this closet-cleaning exercise. Stay true to your closet-organizing convictions. That’s the only way to clear out that space.

Get organized! “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” It’s an old adage, but a good one. Make a spot for everything you’ve decided to keep in that closet; those items will be easier to find, and you’re less likely to throw other things in the closet that don’t belong there.


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