Waste not, want not.

By | June 26, 2017

Guest Post by Melissa Bermudez of  MJB style solutions 

Closet Organizer Solutions

The average person wears only about 20% of their existing wardrobe on a regular basis. That means the other 80% is a WASTE! The result is space taken up by old or poor fitting pieces, precious time wasted digging through your cluttered closet trying to put an outfit together and money spent on guilty splurges or unworn purchases. Now imagine entering your new and well organized closet filled ONLY with fashionable and functional items that you love and that truly reflect YOUR personal style.

Save Space

A closet is only easy to use when it is filled with the right pieces in the right amounts. Let your wardrobe breathe! A balance must be achieved between everyday wear and special occasion pieces that make you feel stylish and confident. Many of us have hard time discarding things because we cling to the image of ourselves from yesterday, or we buy things for who we want to be tomorrow. Your current wardrobe should represent and serve who you are now. Now is the most important time of your life.

Save Time

Getting dressed in the morning should be fun, quick and easy! An organized closet allows you to take stock of everything you own in one glance. No more confusion about where to start when building an outfit. Your wardrobe should consist of functional pieces that fit your lifestyle. You can enhance your efficiency even more with a digital lookbook filled with pictures of outfits made from pieces of your own wardrobe. Locate the pieces, get dressed and head out the door!

“To truly cherish what you have, you must first discard those that have outlived their purpose” ~ Marie Kondo, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

Save Money

Ever get a last minute invitation to an event or party? You look through your closet and panic sets in. I have nothing to wear, you realize. Your run out to buy a new outfit and wear it once. Over time, your closet becomes a crowded, sad place filled with “one use only” items. You can save money by making sure your wardrobe is working hard for you! An updated wardrobe ensures each new piece purchased has the intention of being worn with other items you already own. This maximizes the potential number of outfits that you can create. You will have the right pieces to style the perfect look for every kind of occasion, even the last minute kind!

If you are ready to improve your life by saving space, money and time with a custom closet designed for your needs and an upgraded wardrobe for your lifestyle, book a consultation with Closet Possible and MJB style solutions today!


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