The Long and Short of It: Maximizing Closet Space for Different Types of Garments

By | March 16, 2015
Closet Storage Ideas

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If you stood inside your closet right now, what would you see?  Long dresses, sport coats, pants, dress shirts and blouses, shoes, and purses? Maybe some cold-weather coats for those cold Central New Jersey winters?  If you’re like most folks, your closet is a smorgasboard of items in one space, and likely, you’ve created makeshift solutions to make it all fit.  And it works.  Almost.

 So what can you do to make it work great?  While your closet was likely not designed to meet your specific needs by your home’s builder, you can make it personal and functional for your current organization needs.  Here’s how…

 Go Long.  For dresses, pant-suits or other long items, give them the room they need to hang without being confined by shelves and other items beneath them.  They’ll look better and last longer when they have the space they need to stretch out.  Besides, we’re about to give those other items a place of their own.

 Box It Up.  Create cubbies for purses, shoes, and other accessories that can catch on or smash your clothes.  Cubbies keep things looking neat, and also protect the item being stored from damage, as well as the other items in your closet.

 Plant a Tree.  A shoe tree, rack or shelving is a great solution for storing your shoe collection.  There are a variety of easy-to-use, attractive shoe storage ideas that can keep the floor in your closet clutter-free. 

 The sky’s the limit in your closet to make room for garments and accessories of all shapes and sizes, especially if you consider a custom closet solution.  With the help of an expert, design the perfect closet for you and your belongings.

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