Spring Into Cleaning and Organizing!

By | March 21, 2016

Daisies in SpringSpring is in the air at last! Always invigorating, the approach of Spring invites us to emerge from hibernation, shed extra clothing layers and welcome the warmth and fresh air. We may feel ready for the approaching change of season, but our homes may need a little help making the transition.

The warming temperatures and freshness of Spring inspire us to freshen our living spaces in rhythm with the changing season. We are all familiar with various Spring cleaning rituals, whether it is putting away the winter clothing for storage, changing to lighter-weight bedding, or shaking the winter dust off rugs, furniture and window dressings. Spring is indeed the perfect time to introduce that sense of renewal experienced in the natural world into your own living space. The key to successfully capturing this freshness in your own home is to start with organizing and decluttering. Here’s some easy steps to follow:

  • While we are hunkered down during the winter months, we often accumulate new items in our homes, whether as holiday gifts, entertainment or distraction from the unpleasant weather! As new items take up residence in our homes, we must remember to make room for them by letting go of things we no longer need. We can give away or gift items that are in good condition, or recycle or trash items that can no longer serve anyone.
  • Next, we can harness the sense of lightness ushered in by springtime to inspire us to lighten the contents of our closets. Again, with this feeling of lightness in mind, donate or give away any clothing items that no longer inspire you. Do this quickly, rather than pondering too deeply on every article, to help sort through your closet efficiently with minimal anxiety about each decision.
  • Make sure you have dedicated storage space for all your winter items: coats, heavy comforters and quilts, winter shoes and winter sporting equipment. Keep items used exclusively in the wintertime in a specified storage area, perhaps in your garage or attic or section of a closet. Make sure the storage location is out of the way so that winter things don’t get mixed up with other items and only come out when needed.
  • Make yourself a detailed plan of attack to get all your cleaning tasks done. You can create a simple schedule that breaks up your overall cleaning plan into smaller jobs. As an example, Mondays can be just for cleaning the kitchen floor and counters, Tuesdays for cleaning the bathrooms, Wednesdays for vacuuming and dusting, Thursdays for laundry and kitchen appliances, Fridays for linens or windows. With just one chore to do per day, you can break up the project into small and easily doable daily tasks. You can even front-load the week with the chores you want to get out of the way first. And once per week, add in one extra job such as organizing a closet, cleaning the oven or shredding old papers and documents.
  • Even though Spring has barely arrived, go ahead and think about Summer for more organizing motivation! While Spring cleaning tasks can seem daunting, remember that the more you get done now, the less you will need to do as Summer approaches, when you will definitely want more free time to enjoy the weather.

As nature reawakens and comes to life in Spring, we can help our homes blossom and greet the new season with freshness and renewal. And with proper attention to organizing now, both you and your home will be ready to enjoy more of the relaxed and carefree Summer days that lie ahead.

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