Spring Fever: The Get-Started Guide to Springtime Organization

By | March 3, 2015

Garage OrganizationWhile we’re all inside now, awaiting the arrival of Spring, take the opportunity to prep your home for warmer weather.

 Start Your Engines!  Your car may live in the garage, but your tools, bikes, and outdoor toys also use valuable storage space.  Make use of the walls in your garage and add hooks to hang bikes, and larger gardening equipment like shovels and certain power tools.  Create a workbench that doubles as a storage space for all of your smaller tools and accoutrements, like nails, screws, and bolts.  Install a cabinet that hides the outdoor toys like bats, balls, and gloves when not in use, but is easy to access when the kids are (finally) ready to go outside and play.

Put Winter Away.  Create an area where you keep your winter clothes, shoes and accessories separate from the current season’s gear.  When the seasons change, simply rearrange!  A custom storage solution will create a place for those hard-to-store items like boots, purses and sweaters, and keep them looking great for next year.  (And don’t forget to include the cedar hangers and mothballs, too!)

 Springtime Suds.  Where do you store your cleaning products, currently?  Well, if you’re getting ready to clean up and air out the house after a winter inside, why not give them a convenient, safe space to stay when they’re not in use?  A custom storage solution for your cleaning products can be designed to fit almost anywhere, and even make use of those odd spaces in your home.

 By now you’re probably thinking of green grass, sunny days and spending time outdoors.  Be ready to get outside and prepare your central New Jersey home now for Spring!

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