Pruning is Not Just for Trees!

By | April 14, 2016

Pruning is not just for the gardenEvery gardener and lover of greenery knows how good pruning can help plants thrive. Just like healthy soil and good sunlight, pruning can be an important part of a plant’s strength and beauty. Pruning plants and trees entails removing some parts to improve the overall health and appearance. You could trim off dead or unwanted leaves and branches, encourage growth to a desired shape, and increase the beauty and health of the plant by allowing more air and light through.

The same concept can be applied to the contents of your home. Are there areas in your house that could use a little shaping or refining? Maybe a little more air? Or how about some straightforward trimming away of unwanted parts?

As we settle into the springtime now, opportunities for pruning at home abound! Let’s take a look around the house to see where we might start:

Trim the Deadwood. Begin with your main living areas and look for any obvious clutter. How about those old newspapers and magazines? Holiday gifts you weren’t sure about keeping? Is there a stack of old mail, papers or takeout menus? Next, move on to other parts of the home and begin looking deeper. What about the closets? Are there winter coats and shoes to put away or give away? Is it time to take that pile of old sweaters to the nearest thrift store? Do you have an overflowing bookshelf that could be trimmed of excess? These are some areas that cry out for pruning!

Healthy Feeding. Now is a perfect time to clean out the pantry and refrigerator. As the days get warmer and the holidays farther behind, we might start focusing more on healthier eating. Clear out any unwanted and unhealthy food from your pantry and fridge. Trim away the fatty, heavy comfort food items we craved in the wintertime and make room for healthier alternatives. You can also use the opportunity to clear out kitchen items you never use: old mismatched utensils, chipped plates or glasses, pots or pans that have seen better days. Anything in good condition can be donated, but there is no reason to keep items you no longer use.

Bloom and Grow. Every bit of excess you remove from your home gives you more opportunity to reveal your own personal style in your space. Sometimes, one bold statement piece on a table or mantle can do more to express your aesthetic than a clutter of items ever could. Make a commitment to allow yourself room to bloom. Clear out those clothes you know you never wear. Get rid of knickknacks you have outgrown. Throw out those nearly empty cosmetic containers. Donate those books you will never read again so someone else can enjoy them. Give up on those “projects” you swore you would get around to, like fixing the broken toaster or digitizing all those old cassette tapes. Letting go of all the thorny, needless, strangling strands of our past can help free us to express who we are now and truly thrive.

Just as the gardener takes the time to find just the right parts to prune to ensure a plant is as healthy and beautiful as it can be, you can be the gardener of your own home. When you know just the right ways to encourage your home and your style to blossom, and the right spots to trim away the excess, your home can be light and bright and thrive under your thoughtful care.


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