Organize Your Summer Swim Gear

By | July 26, 2016

Organize Your Summer Swim GearIt’s summertime! That means plenty of fun days at the beach or trips to the pool with the family. It might also mean a mess of swim accessories and toys all over the place, not to mention drippy swim clothes and towels strewn everywhere! But don’t despair. There is still time to get organized and avoid having to look at piles of swim gear and wet towels all season long. Just follow these simple storage organization tips.

  • Designate a set of shelves or build or install  custom shelving just for holding all your summer gear
  • On one shelf, use small bins or baskets to hold your sunscreen, bug sprays and hats
  • Another shelf can be dedicated for keeping neatly folded or rolled beach towels at the ready
  • Separate bins on another shelf can be used for goggles and caps, the kids’ toys, and swim diapers
  • Hooks attached to the shelving or on a wall space can be used to hang damp swimsuits and towels to dry
  • And don’t forget to set aside space for a bin or basket to collect dirty towels too

Using separate bins or containers for related items is a great way to organize your gear. And it’s easy to keep things where they belong by clearly labeling all your shelves and bins. This way, getting ready to head out for some summer fun does not turn into an hours-long chore and you and your family will be ready to hit the beach or pool in no time.

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