Organize Your Home Office – From Mess to Success!

By | April 1, 2015

The home office, whether for professional or personal use, is often the most cluttered room in the house.  Your most important and sensitive information is “on display”, with no organization and no confidentiality.  Being organized, especially when it involves business matters, is crucial to your success.  Below are a few tips on how to go from Mess to Success!

Five Ways to Organize Your Home Office

  1. Add a Bookcase: Bookcases create space for books and binders, getting them off your desk (and the floor) and giving you back your workspace.  Also, photos can be displayed on the shelves to add a warm, personal touch to the office.
  2. Hide the Cables and Wires: Computers, monitors, laptops, phones, chargers, printers, tablets, and…the unavoidable WIRES!  Why not get a desk with cable channels built-in?  This not only keeps your workspace neater by hiding the cables, it keeps it safer. If you already have a desk you like, try cable wraps and other organizing tools.
  3. Use The Walls: When organizing your home office, don’t forget about the wall space!  Installing cabinets above your desk is a perfect way to add more storage while keeping your work space less cluttered.
  4. Get Filing Cabinets: Instead of using folder holders on top of your desk, get filing cabinets.  Filing cabinets eliminate desktop clutter, while protecting your privacy (especially if you add a lock).
  5. Maximize the Corners: Corner desks and corner bookcases turn traditionally challenging “dead” corner space into areas that are useful.  This is especially helpful for smaller room.

Closet Possible can help you turn your home office from a cluttered mess into a room that inspires success!

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