Organization Design Trends for 2017

By | February 20, 2017

Every year, home designers talk about trends and 2017 is already off to a great start. Among the hot topics this year are some organization and storage trends that we thought you would find inspiring and helpful. Here are our top five for 2017.

  1. white entry area storage benchMixed Colors and Finishes. Organization is partly about delineating space. Combining different colors and finishes in your home organization areas can be really helpful in making spaces appear more orderly. Whether it’s a garage storage system, a kid’s closet, or a master bedroom walk-in, consider combining different colors or textures. For example, you can trim a shelving unit with a nice glossy white finish, but use light colored, textured shelves and back panels.
  2. Hidden Storage. Storage can not only be functional, but completely invisible! Benches are a great way to create a functional addition to your hallway, mudroom, laundry room or bedroom and gain some substantial extra storage. Why waste the space under a bench? These spaces can be roomy and deep and can provide ample room for storing bulky items or things you might not need to access frequently.
  3. Sliding Shelves. Whether in a pantry or a master bedroom, a shelf can be so much more functional if it can slide in and out. Think of how difficult it is to reach into the back of a deep shelf at floor level. Often a space like that is so inaccessible that it just goes unused. But if you can slide the shelf in and out, it becomes easy to take full advantage of the entire space.
  4. Wall Mounted Shelves. A typical reach-in closet is really just a rectangular hole in the wall. And that means it can easily become a mess. But if you mount drawers, clothes hanging areas or shelves and leave space at the bottom for shoes and other items, you can really maximize a small space.
  5. Center Islands. If you have the space, a center island is a great way to maximize your storage capacity and add some functional elegance to a walk-in closet. The extra surface area is useful when getting dressed in the morning, and the ample space below is great for all types of accessories, from jewelry to shoes, sweaters, gloves and scarves and more.

Design trends are always about new ways to combine form and function, and closets and storage spaces are no exception. With a little thought and an open mind, the result can be both beautiful and practical.

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