Mess, Stress to Success: 3 Benefits of an Organized Home – Closet Organization

By | September 15, 2014

Our lives are busy with work, school and other personal obligations. There’s hardly time to stop and make sense of it all. Does your home reflect this hectic day-to-day activity?

  • When you opened your closet this morning, did you see a crazy quilt of clothes and accessories, or an organized haven for your favorite garments?
  • Could you find that ingredient you needed to make breakfast this morning? Or did you have to search for it high and low in the cabinets and pantry?
  • Did you have to move the bikes, toys, bins and boxes in order to back your car out of the garage to get to work or run errands?

While we all have “stuff” that makes life easier and more comfortable, it’s also this “stuff” that adds clutter to our homes, and can cause additional physical and emotional stress. Imagine reducing that stress and adding ease, convenience and time to your daily routine. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? We’d like to share just a few specific advantages to getting organized, and how you can achieve them.

  1. Reduce housework and have a healthier home. Knocking out the knick-knacks makes it easier to clean your house – less dusting! According to the Soap and Detergent Association, de-cluttering may eliminate up to 40 percent of housework in the average home. You’ll also breathe easier (and better) knowing you and your family aren’t inhaling that dust, which is comprised of some pretty gross stuff.
  1. Give your wallet a break. Didn’t think you had that container of baking powder, did you? But after a trip to the grocery store to wait in line to purchase a new container, you found it hiding behind a box of pancake mix in the pantry. Lucky you; you’re now the proud owner of two containers of baking powder! With an organized pantry, you’ll find the ingredients you need for your next meal quickly and easily. And you’ll avoid making duplicate purchases because you’ll know exactly what’s in your kitchen. Translate this idea to your clothes closet, and you’ll find even more savings! You’ll no longer lose those garments and accessories, requiring replacements when you can’t find them. Spend that money on new items you can enjoy and store in your organized closet!
  1. Add time to your day; simplify your life! Get to that next appointment on time (or maybe even early!); this is much easier to accomplish when your shoes are where they’re supposed to be, the kids’ backpacks are stored in the proper place and your keys are located where you expect to find them. But you won’t only find extra time in your day when you stop searching for lost items. You’ll also find simplicity, convenience and peace-of-mind.

Now that you know a few of the benefits of an organized home, make these visions of ease and orderliness a reality in your home, with a custom storage solution from Closet POSSIBLE™. To learn more about designing a closet organization solution that meets your needs and fits your budget, call us at (609) 778-7677 or contact us through our Web site to schedule a free, no-obligation home consultation with one of our design experts. Get started and get organized today!

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