Closet Design: Make the Most of a Reach-In Closet

By | October 23, 2014

Your closet may be small, but it is mighty! We’ve compiled just a few ideas for a closet design that can help you make the most of a small space. Check back with the Closet POSSIBLE blog often; more creative and easy tips to help you get organized are coming!

I’ll have a side of shelves, please. We all see the rod going across the closet. But what about the sides of the closet? Like any room, a closet has three empty walls. Use them! Keep that traditional rod where it is. But install closet shelving, on one (or both) sides, so they run perpendicular to the original rod, and voila! Extra storage space for folded items, shoes, books and games– you name it!

Extra, extra! Who says you can have only one rod in your closet? Hang a rod below the one currently installed in your closet and you’ve got more space to hang pants and other shorter items.

Got you hooked. Don’t forget about the closet door! Install hooks on the inside and/or the outside for a spot to keep items you use often, from your bathrobe to your favorite sweater! Install a line of them on the inside of the door (the part you don’t see when it’s closed) and you’ve created a built-in rack for belts and scarves.

These are quick and simple fixes for small closet storage problems. Closet POSSIBLE has many closet storage ideas! Let them help you create the closet you’ve always wanted with their customized closet storage solutions. For a free, no-obligation, in-home design consultation with an expert designer, contact Closet POSSIBLE at (609) 778-7677 and get started today!

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