Make a Magnificent Mudroom: Organize Your Entryway

By | November 13, 2014

While it may be wet, snowy or muddy outside, that doesn’t mean your home should reflect it! Mudrooms are often a catch-all for family outerwear, bags, shoes and boots…and everything else! Add to it the outdoor elements that are tracked inside, like dirt and leaves, and you’ve got a recipe for a big mess. It doesn’t have to be that way! Consider these mudroom organization ideas to make that space a welcoming, functional way to enter your home.

Serve Up Your Shoes on a Tray. Shoe trays are an easy, inexpensive, and a good way to confine those mud-tracking culprits to one space. Not only do shoe trays create a defined area to keep the family’s footwear, but they also contain the water and dirt. Simply rinse out the tray from time to time to keep it clean.

Give Everyone Some Space. Does your family have to sort through jackets, bags, shoes and sports equipment to find what they need? Mudrooms have a tendency to become a messy, disorganized spot where everyone tosses their “stuff” as they walk in the door. Instead of becoming a dumping ground, give each family member a spot to store their stuff. A hook for jackets, a drawer, bin or basket for hats and gloves, and even a bench to sit and tie shoes and prepare to go outside. If you have little ones, you can apply hooks at a lower level, so they can organize their own belongings, giving them a big sense of accomplishment!

Be Welcoming. Where does your mail go when you walk in the door? Create a spot where you can drop your keys, mail, school reminders and more to keep it all organized. It won’t get lost in the shuffle when you get home, and you’ll be able to find it on your way out, too! As a bonus, add a chalkboard or dry erase board to serve as a family message center.

Every family is different; routines and schedules vary from home to home. Make your mudroom fit your lifestyle! Closet POSSIBLE offers limitless mudroom design ideas; create a space that works for you! Contact us for a free, in-home design consultation at (609) 778-7677. 

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