Make Work More Productive with a Home Office Haven

By | October 9, 2014

Is your home office doing its job? It should be a hub of productivity. But if keeping your work space organized is a challenge, you may be hampering your success. According to a study published in The Journal of Neuroscience by researchers at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute, office clutter can negatively affect our ability to maintain focus and process information. Put simply, clutter is a distraction. Get your work back on track with some clever and beautiful home office organization ideas.

Off the wall. Bookshelves and filing cabinets are traditional receptacles for work-related storage. But they’re heavy to move, not necessarily a pretty sight to behold, and they take up valuable floor space that can be used for additional storage or other furniture. Increase your storage space with a twist: use your walls! Take advantage of this great organizational opportunity by adding shelving and cabinetry to the walls for a storage solution that is both functional and attractive. Your home office will be free of clutter; a beautiful, permanent work space promoting a more productive work environment.

Create a command center. Your desk is your work space. It’s where you think and create. Do you have enough room to do so? Or is your desk filled with other items, like a phone, a printer, files and reference materials? How can you work with so much in the way? Clear your desk and create a command center for these items in your home office. Cabinets and countertops aren’t just for the kitchen; it’s a fantastic way to create a dedicated space for office equipment and supplies and keep them organized. The best part? You get your desk back!

Go professional. Your home office is where you’re the professional. So call on a professional to help you create a work space that’s customized to fit your needs. These experts design beautiful storage and organization solutions that you’d never think of, within a budget you determine. Before you do it yourself, call a professional to consult with you on your options; the result will be a high-quality, customized organizational solution that’ll make you happy to get to work.

Closet POSSIBLE is pleased to offer you a free, no obligation in-home consultation with one of our design experts, to help you create a home office that’s beautiful, organized and functional. To schedule your consultation today, call (609) 778-7677 or contact us through our Web site.

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