Getting Organized Before Getting Back to School

By | August 17, 2015

back to schoolAs summer begins to wind down, our thoughts turn to the inevitable approach of another school year. This means hectic schedules of classes, sporting events, school functions and activities are just around the corner! You can prepare yourself now to ease back into these busy school day schedules by getting things organized and getting the family ready for action.

  • Transition into new schedules. Begin acclimating to school hours a few weeks in advance. Get everyone up early and begin adjusting to school day mealtimes.
  • Shop smart and early. Back-to-School store sales are everywhere this time of year. Assess each kids’ clothing needs first before hitting the stores.
  • Set up a family Communications Center. Staying on top of kids’ schedules and activities can be a challenge in busy households. Keep everyone’s schedules organized and visible in a dedicated family Communications Center.
  • Tame paper overload. As the school year progresses, the flood of permission slips, notices and announcements can get overwhelming. Use a home filing system to keep papers organized and manage overload by addressing everything immediately.
  • Designate dedicated kids’ stations. Kids can have their own shelves or cubbies in the mudroom or entrance area for coats, backpacks, homework supplies, sports equipment and musical instrument cases.
  • Complete do-ahead tasks the night before. Some morning tasks can be done the night before a school day. You can pick out clothes for the next day, set the breakfast table, and organize backpacks, lunch ingredients, and homework.

These strategies can help get your school year off to a great start! By establishing routines throughout the year that emphasize clear organization and attention to time management, everyone will feel less stressed and harried, and more quality time will be available for everyone in the family. Now, that deserves a gold star!

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