Why Choose a Custom-Designed Closet?

By | January 1, 2015

In a world of Pinterest and HGTV, we’re inspired to do home improvements ourselves. And why not? There may be some cost savings, sure. The sense of accomplishment is one we all enjoy; and checking off another item on that to-do list is pretty great. But when it comes to your closets, why should you choose a professional to design and install your storage solution? We’ve got three words for you: quality, convenience and customization.

Quality. Enhancing your home with the finest materials looks great and engenders a sense of pride, but it’s a fantastic way to increase the value of your biggest investment: your home.

Convenience. When you do-it-yourself, you’ve got to go to the hardware store and select your closet elements. (Did you choose the right ones?) Then pack it into the car, unpack it when you get home, and spend the whole afternoon (or several) installing the hardware. (What if you make a mistake?) Then there’s the clean-up. Dust and packaging everywhere. Another afternoon to tidy up. With a professionally designed and installed storage solution, like those created by Closet POSSIBLE, they take care of all of that, and your weekend afternoons are free for you to enjoy. 

Customization. Your closets are a prime storage space; a perfect spot to keep more than just clothes. Some items don’t need hangers; others can be tucked away in drawers. Your belongings are different; the solution that keeps them organized should be, too! Customize your organization solution safely store your items the way they should be, the way you want them to be, not the way a cookie-cutter solution dictates you should.  A solution created by a professional storage designer is developed with your input and goals as the priority. 

The value and quality you experience through superior design, product quality and installation will provide you with years of pride and worry-free enjoyment, and save you the hassle of a do-it-yourself project. Place your efforts on other projects and priorities in your life.

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