Back to School Shopping

By | July 24, 2017

Back to School OrganizingGuest Post by Melissa Bermudez of  MJB style solutions 

Only a few more weeks until Labor Day (sigh)! Summer always seems to go by too fast! Here’s to hoping your remaining, precious summer days are spent lounging by the pool, sun worshipping at the beach or hanging out with friends and family at a cookout or two. Inevitably, we start to see “back to school” shopping signs EVERYWHERE! These marketing tactics seem to be pesky reminders of how little time there is left before carpools, parent conferences and helping with homework. Avoid the stress of back to school shopping with these two easy tips!

 Inventory & List

Over the summer, our kids seem to grow like magic! Pants are too short, shoes fit a little more snug and their style seems to have changed overnight. Your daughter was obsessed with mermaids yesterday and now it’s all about “the unicorn”! Your son loved wearing his Ironman t-shirt but now only wears Spiderman! Taking inventory of what items still fit and are still in good condition will help organize your shopping trip. Start with the basics like undershirts and socks. Then, list their “go-to” items that are too small or need to be replaced such as leggings, jeans or t-shirts. The last part of your list will include the fun but functional stuff that will express his/her personal style (insert unicorn backpack here!). Heading to the stores with a clear list will help you shop with efficiency and save both time and money. After all, there are still a few margaritas that need to be had!

 Start Early

As a rule of thumb, most retailers start receiving the following season’s items 2 months before the actual season starts, so there is some method to the madness of early retail promotions. Fall fashion and back to school items such as jackets, sweaters and backpacks are already in stores. Shopping early guarantees you will be able to shop the full selection for everything you need without the frustration of sold out sizes or prints. Also, the back to school promotions running now are the same as they will be mid-August to September. You could also price compare the different retailers online. Lastly, shopping early allows you time to plan out multiple outfits with just a few pieces. You will also be able to recognize if you are still missing something from the list with plenty of time to purchase it.

With a little planning, back to school shopping will be easy! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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