5 Spring Organization Tips for Your Home

By | March 20, 2017

flower_spring_flowers_purpleAlthough there is still some snow on the ground here in the Central New Jersey and Bucks County PA area, there are still many hints of spring to be seen: early cherry blossoms, hints of yellow on forsythia branches, and despite the recent freeze, robins scooting around hunting for lunch.  And now that it’s finally here, it’s time to start welcoming spring into our lives and our homes. And that means spring cleaning and organizing!

Here’s 5 spring organization tips for your home. If we start to address these now, our homes will be ready and organized for spring.

  1. Food storage – In winter we tend to stock our shelves and cabinets with non-perishable items like pasta, canned goods, grains and the like. As we continue shopping, items get pushed to the back of the shelves and start to disappear from view. Now is a good time to clean out kitchen cabinets to make room for fresher items to complement the lighter fare of spring and summer.
  2. Sports storage – Even if you don’t have kids, everyone has some sort of sports equipment. If you do have kids, you probably have lots of sports equipment, all tucked away in winter storage. Bicycles, golf clubs, swim gear, baseball mitts, trampolines and yard games are all stowed in your garage, basement or attic. Now is a good time to check them out and make sure that no mice or chipmunks have taken up residence in your baseball mitt over the winter.
  3. Garden storage – If you are a gardener, you are probably already thinking about what to plant this season. Maybe your tools are stored in the garage or a backyard shed, and perhaps you may have put some of them away in haste last fall, without a good inspection or cleaning. So before you head to the garden center to buy your seeds, take a look to see if any of your tools need replacing.
  4. Pool storage – Whether you have a beautiful in-ground pool or a simple inflatable kiddie pool, there are always plenty of swim related items stowed away for winter. Many of these are made of plastic, vinyl or rubber, all of which mice and other critters love to nibble on during the winter. Now would be a good time to have a look at everything, so there are no unpleasant surprises on that first warm day when you inflate your child’s pool.
  5. Furniture storage – Whether it’s just a simple pair of collapsible chairs or an elaborate patio set, your outdoor furniture can gather dust, mold and debris if stored in your garage for the winter. Before you break it out of storage for the spring, it will need to be cleaned, sometimes cleaned again, and then given some time to air out before use. If you treat these items well, they will give you many years of outdoor pleasure.
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