Storing Your Snowboard

By | January 9, 2017

storage for snowboardsTo the uninitiated, a snowboard might look like a plank of wood that you strap to your feet so that you can spend your day freezing, fighting long lift lines and coming home with bumps and bruises all over your body. But for those who delight in the sport and exhilaration of boarding, these planks are high performance pieces of equipment and if you treat them well, they will return the favor. So don’t just lean them against the garage wall when not in use. Store them properly and take care of them. Here are a few tips for proper snowboard storage to help you get the most out of your gear:

  1. Store your board on a storage rack with soft rubber or cloth covered cross pieces. Boards can lose their camber if stored on hard surfaces, and metal crosspieces can leave dents in the surface and cause rust on the edges.
  2. Keep ‘em cool. Ideally, boards should be stored in a cool dry place. Too much heat loosens (or melts!) the wax and may affect the shape and camber of the board. A garage or basement is usually ideal. Just not next to the boiler or burner.
  3. Clean and dry your gear before you put it away. This is especially important for or your boots, but chances are you transport your board to and from the mountain on a car roof rack. If your board is exposed to highway travel on a roof, it will pick up corrosive road salts and other highway dirt and grime, so wipe it down before putting it away.
  4. Inspect your gear for damage. When you put your board away for the night and as you are giving it a good cleaning look for any structural damage. You don’t want any surprises next time you go out, and quick, frequent inspections help you stay acquainted with the shape of your board as it ages.
  5. If you are putting your board away for a long period of time (like summer) remove your bindings and give the board a good coat of wax before you put it away. Removing your bindings allows you to give all the hardware a good cleaning, and waxing protects the board from any unforeseen issues that might occur during the off season, like extreme weather or animals nesting in your garage.

Storage for snowboards is simple and easy if you follow these few simple steps. As with any sports gear, you want to keep it in good shape to avoid injuries and get the most enjoyment out of your days on the slopes.

If you need a custom storage solution for your snowboards or any other sports gear, please give us a call. We love to help sports fans get organized.

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