Love and Closets

By | January 23, 2018

ClosetPossibleMasterBRoom-2You love your spouse, your partner, your kids, your significant other – you know, those people you live with and wake up to every morning. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, might there be a better way to show your love than a box of chocolates or a romantic dinner out?

Yes, everyone likes a nice dinner and who doesn’t love chocolates. But once such culinary delights are consumed…well, they’re pretty much gone, aren’t they? This year, how about giving them something completely different, something that can truly improve their lives (and probably yours as well), something they will use every day, something that will help them get organized, be more calm and feel in control of their day?

Yes. You guessed it. We’re talking about a new custom closet! Okay, so maybe we’re a bit biased, but we love to help people get organized, and we know for sure that we design and install quality storage and organization solutions for all types of folks. So we really feel this gift idea is a winner!

But let’s think about this a little more deeply for a moment. We believe that a closet is more than just a closet. It’s a home for your clothes, your shoes, your favorite sweaters, and those jeans that you swear you are going to get back into this year. It’s one of the first places you visit when you start your day and one of the last before you say goodnight. A beautiful, well organized closet is a part of your everyday life and a reflection of your not only of your style, but of your values as well.

So yes, we truly do believe that a new custom closet would be an amazing gift for the one you love this Valentine’s Day. Need a little more proof? Alright then, consider this:

  • A custom closet can reflect your loved one’s personal style and taste and can be designed to meet their exact needs.
  • A custom closet can help your honey start his/her day with a sense of ease and control.
  • A custom closet is a gift that keeps on giving. It will be used and appreciated every day, several times a day, for years to come.
  • A custom closet adds value to your home and helps maintain the value and longevity of clothing and other possessions.
  • A custom closet is beautiful, fun and completely awesome!

So think about it. Ditch that box of chocolates this year and show your sweetheart just how much you really care. Love is a new closet!


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