Down to the Wire: Why You Should Choose a Wood-Based Closet System

By | September 27, 2014

You know those shelves. The white, wire-framed shelving we’ve all experienced at one time or another. And while it may be a commonly-found product in discount and home improvement stores, it’s not necessarily the best choice for a closet or storage system. Why?

Mind the gap. Those slats can be a problem. In your bedroom closet, shoes don’t stand neatly on the wire-framed shelves; they look like tipsy birds on a wire because they don’t have a flat surface on which to sit. In the office, some supplies are narrow enough to easily glide through those gaps. In the kitchen, smaller packages can slip through the spaces and fall onto the floor. The bath soap slides away in the linen closet. A wood-based closet system offers a solid platform to store your items. Nothing falls through the cracks, saving time and preventing frustration.

Woeful for the Wardrobe. When wire frame closet systems break (and they do), they can seriously damage your clothes. They bend and break, and then tear right through your favorite garments. A wood-based closet organizer won’t break this way, causing the sharp edges that destroy your clothes. Seek out a system that offers thicker edge banding to further safeguard your clothes from harm.

Feel Pretty. When you look inside your closet, pantry, and even your garage, you want your space to feel attractive and organized. It’s a breath of fresh air for your home and office storage areas! Wire-framed systems are utilitarian at best; it’s a style that doesn’t contribute to the feeling of orderliness we all want. A wood-based storage solution can be customized to match your home décor and your personality; it’s designed to fit your needs perfectly, too. When you open your closet, feel the sense of comfort and organization you desire with a wood-based closet storage system.

Closet POSSIBLE is proud to offer wood-based products made in the USA. They meet the highest quality standards, and are guaranteed never to chip or peel. The edge banding that accompanies every Closet POSSIBLE solution is more than four times thicker than the competition; this feature adds both beauty and durability to your custom storage solution. For more information about designing a storage system that fits your needs and your budget, contact us at (609) 778-7677 or use our online contact form.

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