Storage Systems for Challenging Spaces

Need a closet system for a space that has 13 walls?  How about storage for delicate items like sarees? Want a bench with a hinged top and storage within?  Closet POSSIBLE can do all of this and more!

At Closet POSSIBLE we love a good challenge. We believe that any storage or organization challenge can be solved with open minded thinking, collaboration and creative design. So if you have a space that you wish could be more organized and useful, don’t despair. Give us a call. We are happy to work with you to create a solution that is not only beautiful, but custom tailored to meet your needs, and we use only the highest quality materials so that your closet will last a lifetime.

This page offers a glimpse into some of the design challenges we have overcome for our happy clients in Princeton, Plainsboro, Robbinsville, Yardley, Pennington, Montgomery and all around Central NJ and Bucks County, PA.

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Challenging Spaces are No Problem

Odd angles, low ceilings, windows and corners everywhere made this space a particular challenge. But by working closely with the client, we came up with designs that offered abundant storage, made use of every possible space and yet created an elegant and beautiful oasis for the owner to enjoy.

Saree Cabinet and Hangers

This saree cabinet features two types of saree hangers: a beautiful cascading wooden design that rolls out form the cabinet and a flexible metal roll out rack that can double as a pants hanger. Plenty of shelving completes this practical and beautiful storage solution.

Veronica Storage Solution with Great use of Corner Space

Corners can be particularly challenging, and if you don’t use them correctly they are just wasted space. In this clever design, we worked around a power outlet and used a graceful curved shelf to maximize usage of space and created a series of cubbies according to the owners specifications.

Brandi Closet 1

The corner of this entry hallway was just wasting space until our designers met with the homeowner and crafted this practical solution. What was once empty space is now an open closet with three shelves and a pegrack for hanging coats and bags.

Patel Master Closet 1

An unused space under a window became a lovely and practical addition to this room. Our designers worked with the homeowner to create this unique bench with open shelving and sliding surfaces for any number of uses.


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