6 Design Tips for Your Custom Closet

Have you ever seen a stunning, expansive walk in closet that’s bigger than your first apartment? Maybe you’ve seen photos in home design magazines or episodes of shows on HGTV with incredible closets of celebrities, designers, or just people with lots of clothes and money to spare. It’s hard to tell how much of this… Read More »

Organizing Your Holiday Pantry

The holidays are just around the corner. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas…it happens every year and there is one thing that you can always be sure of: There will be plenty of food! So it pays to get organized ahead of the holiday rush, and a good place to start is in your pantry. It doesn’t… Read More »

Home Office Harmony

Advances in technology have made it possible for many of us to work remotely outside of traditional office settings. Telecommuting has become an increasingly commonplace and popular option. But when we work from home, we might find it challenging to integrate a functional workspace into our living space. Without a proper workspace, work needs can… Read More »

Outdoor Organization as Easy as a Summer Breeze

Guest Post by Geri Gwizdz of Signature Home Staging The arrival of spring is marked by one of the greatest and most welcome phenomenons in human behavior: the universal migration of people of all ages to the great outdoors, specifically the backyard. This seasonal marvel, however, cannot occur successfully without a bit of preparation and… Read More »

Where the Garden Meets the Garage

If you are a homeowner, you know that spring means it will soon be time to mow the lawn, trim the bushes or get your garden in shape. A well-organized storage system in your garage for all your gardening tools and supplies will make your outdoor chores a lot easier. Here a few ideas to… Read More »

Home Staging Secrets: Closets, Vanities & Cabinets Oh My!

Guest Post by Geri Gwizdz of Signature Home Staging If you subscribe to the “I Love Lucy” approach to closet organization – the hurry up and shove as much stuff in and slam it shut before anything falls out – it is time to rethink this lifestyle strategy. In short, it’s time to consider closet… Read More »

5 Spring Organization Tips for Your Home

Although there is still some snow on the ground here in the Central New Jersey and Bucks County PA area, there are still many hints of spring to be seen: early cherry blossoms, hints of yellow on forsythia branches, and despite the recent freeze, robins scooting around hunting for lunch.  And now that it’s finally here,… Read More »

Organization Design Trends for 2017

Every year, home designers talk about trends and 2017 is already off to a great start. Among the hot topics this year are some organization and storage trends that we thought you would find inspiring and helpful. Here are our top five for 2017. Mixed Colors and Finishes. Organization is partly about delineating space. Combining… Read More »

Custom Closet Armoire Installation – Before and After

We’re kicking off February with a guest post from lifestyle blogger Tee of Beauteeful Living. Tee recently had us do a makeover in her bedroom as part of  a 6 week Modern Glam Master Bedroom Makeover challenge. The results are below. You can learn more about Tee by visiting her website.   It’s already February… Read More »

Storing Your Snowboard

To the uninitiated, a snowboard might look like a plank of wood that you strap to your feet so that you can spend your day freezing, fighting long lift lines and coming home with bumps and bruises all over your body. But for those who delight in the sport and exhilaration of boarding, these planks… Read More »

The Well Organized Thanksgiving

At Thanksgiving, we all look forward to being with our families, enjoying a wonderful meal, watching a football game or two and hopefully having a few days off. But unless you are organized before, during and after the big meal itself, this yearly ritual can easily turn into a source of stress and may end… Read More »

The Home “Entertainment Cave” for the Whole Family

The “man cave” concept for the home has been evolving as more men consider the type of space that truly appeals to them. From humble origins as perhaps a private area in a garage or basement for one’s personal toys and gear, the definition of “man cave” has expanded to include lush private sanctuaries, home… Read More »

Get Organized for a New School Year!

As the days get shorter and the month of August begins to wind down, we all know this heralds the waning days of summer. This means we will soon be looking forward to another busy school year with new classes, activity-filled days, after school functions, and many exciting sporting and social events. Setting up some… Read More »

Organize Your Summer Swim Gear

It’s summertime! That means plenty of fun days at the beach or trips to the pool with the family. It might also mean a mess of swim accessories and toys all over the place, not to mention drippy swim clothes and towels strewn everywhere! But don’t despair. There is still time to get organized and… Read More »

Sports Equipment Closet Organization

Organizing all your sports equipment and accessories in a neat and functional space can save time and reduce anxiety, whether you are a dedicated athlete or weekend warrior. It is definitely a challenge getting motivated to engage in sports activities if you are struggling to locate your gear. And when the kids can’t get out… Read More »

Pruning is Not Just for Trees!

Every gardener and lover of greenery knows how good pruning can help plants thrive. Just like healthy soil and good sunlight, pruning can be an important part of a plant’s strength and beauty. Pruning plants and trees entails removing some parts to improve the overall health and appearance. You could trim off dead or unwanted… Read More »

Spring Into Cleaning and Organizing!

Spring is in the air at last! Always invigorating, the approach of Spring invites us to emerge from hibernation, shed extra clothing layers and welcome the warmth and fresh air. We may feel ready for the approaching change of season, but our homes may need a little help making the transition. The warming temperatures and… Read More »

Space Oddities: Making Quirky Spaces Functional

Who couldn’t use a little more storage space at home? Some spaces are obvious choices for our storage and display needs. Closets, attics and garages typically handle our storage needs, while wall units, bookshelves and media centers provide great solutions for organizing and displaying our media, artworks, knickknacks and collectibles. But you may have additional,… Read More »

Organizing Your Garage for Winter

Here in New Jersey, our first snowstorm has come and gone and it was pretty epic! Two feet of snow later, we are still digging out and everything is a mess. It can be difficult to keep snow and mud from getting tracked into your home, especially if you enter your home through your garage.… Read More »

Winter Organizing Made Easy

As we begin to settle in for the winter months ahead, we can take the opportunity to tackle a few simple organizing tasks around the home to keep our surroundings in order amid the flurry of holiday activities. First, as you start breaking out the winter apparel, take a moment to see if there is… Read More »

Storage Organization for Fall

Fall is coming and that means you will be transitioning from summer clothes and accessories to bulkier fall (and eventually winter!) clothes and accessories. Here are some tips to make sure your storage spaces are organized and ready for the coming season. Use the underside of your shelves. Closet or other shelving can be fitted… Read More »

Organizing Your Home Office

Whether you are an occasional telecommuter, run a business from your home, or have a dedicated space for managing household operations and finances, you know that a home office is an essential part of today’s living spaces. Keeping your home office organized is vital to ensuring a serene and functional workspace. But it can be… Read More »

Getting Organized Before Getting Back to School

As summer begins to wind down, our thoughts turn to the inevitable approach of another school year. This means hectic schedules of classes, sporting events, school functions and activities are just around the corner! You can prepare yourself now to ease back into these busy school day schedules by getting things organized and getting the… Read More »

The Benefits of Organized Kid’s Rooms

Organized spaces can impart an impression of calm and order while messy, disorderly spaces can feel chaotic and unsettling. Even kids intuitively sense this. We can teach kids how to keep their own spaces tidy with some simple organizing tips. Exploring these strategies together with a child can be a fun learning activity for both… Read More »

Top 5 Benefits of Being Organized

At Closet POSSIBLE, our passion is organization. That’s because we truly believe that it can make your life better by reducing stress and creating a sense of calm and control. As we started to think a little more deeply about the subject, we came up with our list of the Top 5 Benefits of Being… Read More »

Organizing Kids’ Sports Gear

Getting the kids out the door in time for sports practice or game day can be chaotic and stressful as you hustle around to gather up uniforms, equipment and accessories. In fact, trying to accomplish this without a good strategy is like trying to run team plays without a game plan that everyone can understand… Read More »

Fix Up Your Garage

For most people, the garage means chaos!  It’s cluttered and messy.  When the car’s inside, you can barely move.  You don’t want company to see it.  You keep the door closed all the time! It doesn’t have to be this way, creating a garage that is useful and tidy isn’t as difficult as it seems. … Read More »

Create a Welcoming Guest Room

The Guest room can be the most disorganized room in the house.  How many times have you said, “Put it in the Guest Room for now, we’ll worry about it later”?  Then when “later” comes and guests arrive, you try to tidy it up but it’s never “quite right”.  The room is cluttered and the… Read More »

Freshen Up Your Laundry Room

A laundry room is more than a place to keep your washing machine and dryer.  With a few additions, this space can be transformed into an organized room designed for all your clothing and cleaning needs.  Here are five simple solutions. Add Overhead Cabinets: Take advantage of the wall space above your washer and dryer… Read More »

Organize Your Home Office – From Mess to Success!

The home office, whether for professional or personal use, is often the most cluttered room in the house.  Your most important and sensitive information is “on display”, with no organization and no confidentiality.  Being organized, especially when it involves business matters, is crucial to your success.  Below are a few tips on how to go… Read More »

The Long and Short of It: Maximizing Closet Space for Different Types of Garments

If you stood inside your closet right now, what would you see?  Long dresses, sport coats, pants, dress shirts and blouses, shoes, and purses? Maybe some cold-weather coats for those cold Central New Jersey winters?  If you’re like most folks, your closet is a smorgasboard of items in one space, and likely, you’ve created makeshift… Read More »

Spring Fever: The Get-Started Guide to Springtime Organization

While we’re all inside now, awaiting the arrival of Spring, take the opportunity to prep your home for warmer weather.  Start Your Engines!  Your car may live in the garage, but your tools, bikes, and outdoor toys also use valuable storage space.  Make use of the walls in your garage and add hooks to hang… Read More »

Closet Storage Ideas: 3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Home’s Unusual Spaces

We love our closets. According to a 2013 survey by the National Association of Realtors: consumers prioritize closet space when shopping for their next home. A walk-in closet in the master bedroom ranked third on the list of features that buyers would be willing to spend extra dollars for in their new abode. of those… Read More »

Mess, Stress to Success: 3 Benefits of an Organized Home – Closet Organization

Our lives are busy with work, school and other personal obligations. There’s hardly time to stop and make sense of it all. Does your home reflect this hectic day-to-day activity? When you opened your closet this morning, did you see a crazy quilt of clothes and accessories, or an organized haven for your favorite garments?… Read More »